Powerful Lease and Finance Programs Now Available For the Acquisition of your Trendway Furniture System!
Over the years, many businesses have discovered that financing and leasing programs specifically addressing the acquisition of Furniture Systems makes economic sense while allowing for expansion and upgrades as necessary. The Trendway Product Line provides for countless choices and as a result, the financing component must also allow for creativity and customization. By offering a variety of programs and structuring options at extremely competitive rates, Trendway is your singular source for obtaining the furniture systems and finance plan that makes the most sense for your unique and specific business requirements.

The Trendway Lease Program provides several benefits to your business:
  • Effective Use of an Asset
  • Fixed Monthly Payments
  • Conservation of Capital
  • Flexible Payment and Structuring Options
  • Competitive Rates
  • Simplicity, Speed and Convenience

Please see the useful download section of this page for more information on the Trendway Leasing program or call today for additional details:

Vieng Phommachanh - 616-399-3900 ext. 5122